Geophysical Centre in Dourbes

Archaeomagnetic dating

We provide archaeomagnetic dating of burnt clay from archaeological sites in Belgium and some neighbouring countries. We work in close collaboration with the Walloon region under a cooperation agreement between the RMI and the Walloon heritage agency 'AWaP'; for the Flemish region, with the archaeology departments of towns and private firms.

We have the appropriate equipment for taking oriented samples in the field and preparing them in the laboratory, as well as high-tech instruments for measuring magnetic remanence, determining the direction and intensity of the magnetic field in the past

  • 2G three-axis cryogenic magnetometer for samples up to 4 cm for measuring the remanent magnetisation of baked clay and other burnt material
  • alternating field demagnetisers for 2 and 4 cm samples
  • MMTDSC80A non-magnetic furnace for thermal demagnetisation  up to 700°C
  • a reference database for the archaeomagnetic dating of archaeological sites in Belgium

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