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The AutoDIF instrument is an Automated DIFlux. Automation without disturbing observations has been a real challenge to overcome since many key elements like sensors, motors or electronics generally contain ferromagnetic elements and conduct electrical currents. Several AutoDIF instruments have been installed around the world (see our references hereunder). The 3rd version of AutoDIF MK3 is currently under development and will be available soon.

As both variometers and Overhauser magnetometers have been automated for many years, AutoDIF makes possible the fully automated magnetic observatory.

A first field test demonstrating our ability to successfully deploy and to remotely operate a fully automated magnetic observatory in a desert area has been performed (more info in the poster available for download).

Our next fully automated magnetic observatory will be deployed on the seafloor and will be a world first.

References of observatories currently using AutoDIF :

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Automated Magnetic Observatory Poster | Adobe PDF | 1.6mb

MK2 Brochure | Adobe PDF | 321.5kb

AutoDIF MK2 User Manual 2020 | Adobe PDF | 1.4mb

AutoDIF MK2 Specifications and Installation Requirements | Adobe PDF | 802.5kb

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