Geophysical Centre in Dourbes


Scientific staff

Ir. Stephan Bracke

  • Application development for real-time data

Dr. Souad Ech-chakrouni

  • Archaeomagnetic dating & research

Ir. Alexandre Gonsette

  • Geomagnetic observations & instrumentation

Ir. François Humbled

  • Research valorization

Dr. Ir. Antoine Poncelet

  • Development of geomagnetic instrumentation

Dr. Wolfgang Rösler

  • Magnetic shielding development

Dr. Danislav Sapundjiev

  • Cosmic ray instrumentation & observations

Dr. Simo Spassov

  • General management of the Geophysical Centre
  • Magnetic property characterisation & research

Dr. Stanimir Stankov

  • Space weather: Modelling & forecast

Dr. Tobias Verhulst

  • Space weather: observations & research

Ing. Jirka Verleysen

  • Magnetic shielding & modelling

Technical & supporting staff

Roxanne Chartier

  • Indoor maintenance

Marie Delcourt

  • Archaeomagnetic sample preparation & measurements

Xavier Gérard

  • Instrumentation: fabrication & quality control

Daniel Guislain

  • Outdoor maintenance

Olivier Hendrickx

  • Development & fabrication of electronic components

Pascal Jamme

  • Mechanical workshop, CNC machines

Jean-Luc Marin

  • Geomagnetic observations

Frédéric Mathot

  • Chemical analyses & magnetic property measurements

Marylène Preumont

  • Indoor maintenance

Guy Regnier

  • Electricity & outdoor maintenance

Ludovic Teruel

  • Archaeomagentic sample preparation & measurements

Kevin Thiry

  • IT support

Former team members: Dr. Jean Rasson, Dr. Jean-Claude Jodogne, Prof. Dr. Jozef Hus ( † ), Marie-Claire Bodart, Guy Crabbé, Daniel Degossely, Magda Francotte

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