Geophysical Centre in Dourbes


Construction of a magnetically shielded room

The primary objective of MAGSCREEN is the development and construction of a large volume magnetic shielding environment (LVMSE) that strongly reduces the surrounding Earth's magnetic field. The shielding environment to be realised is based on the principle of passive shielding and will be mainly used for palaeomagnetic research. It will house sensitive, highly specific equipment for the measurement of remanent magnetisations and related demagnetisation procedures. A residual field of 300 nT or less within the shielded volume is aimed for. The secondary objective is to acquire know-how about design and construction of passive LVMSEs. This expertise will expand the range of services offered by the RMI's Geophysical Centre with the ability to produce LVMSEs for research applications down to the picotesla range.

Funding: national funding by the Belgian science policy BELSPO, contract No:  IM/RT/23/MAGSCREEN, (2023-2026)

Mounting and testing the outer shield

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