DIflux WIDIF et FLM4

The geomagnetic observatory community needs nonmagnetic theodolites equipped with a fluxgate (a so-called DIflux or DIM) in order to accurately measure the orientation of the geomagnetic field vector.
Magnetic Valley is proud to announce the innovative WIDIF and FLM4 DIflux instruments based on the BOIF TDJ6E-NM nonmagnetic theodolites manufactured in China and equipped with our an in-house electronics console. Two versions of the DIflux are proposed:
The WIDIF (Figure 1) where the console is mounted on the telescope. This results in a very compact instrument adressing the needs of the surveyor in the field.

The FLM4 (Figure 2) which has its console linked by wire to the fluxgate and theodolite. The FLM4 has been designed for highly accurate measurements in an observatory environment.

The electronic console contains the magnetometer electronics for reading the fluxgate output but not only:

  1. a GNSS receiver provides precise timing worldwide and latitude/longitude,
  2. a sunshot computer gives the azimuth of the Sun to the nearest arcsecond for the time and coordinates observed in situ (see figure 3),
  3. a data logger can transform the DIflux in a recording variometer,
  4. power is provided by a nonmagnetic lithium-polymer battery.

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