Soil Susceptibility Mapping



Soils contain magnetic minerals resulting from natural processes and human activities (industrial combustion, fire places). Magnetic susceptibility mapping gives you a quick overview about the natural magnetic enhancements in soils, the extent of soil pollution or localises archaeological artefacts in the shallow subsurface.

For instance, with a magnetic susceptibility map you can efficiently plan site remediation, the location of ground water wells or additional chemical analyses in present or abandoned industrial areas.

The figure compares magnetic and geochemical enhancement in an industrial area (8.5 × 9.0 km). The left map shows the magnetic enhancement with respect to the minimum value obtained for this area. The right map represents a mean of the enhancements in  As, Ba, Be, Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb, Sn, Zn in the soil. Both maps agree fairly well.

Items  included

  • Initial briefing with our scientists
  • Surface soil magnetic susceptibility measurements
  • Depth profiles of susceptibility at selected points
  • Geochemical analyses at selected points if necessary
  • Data processing, analysis & interpretation


  • Interpreted susceptibility map and report

Possible customers

  • Environmental agencies
  • Archaeological services
  • Urban management


Dr. Simo Spassov
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