Magnetic property characterisation




Current activities: EMPIR joint research project "MagNaStand" for supporting the  development of new ISO standards for magnetic nanoparticles and products  containing magnetic nanoparticles.

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We are offering currently measurements of

  • magnetic properties (e.g. susceptibility, remanent magnetisation, hysteresis)
  • non-magnetic properties (e.g. volume, density, porosity, dry matter)

Magnetic properties

Low-field Susceptibility

  • Bulk susceptibility
  • Field dependence (for magnetic mineral identification)
  • Frequency dependence in function of temperature betwen -271 and 126°C (for detection of superparamagnetic grains)
  • Temperature dependence between -271 and 700°C (magnetic mineral identification)
  • Anisotropy (for studies of rock and sedimentary fabrics)
  • Measurement of small cores up to 50 cm (for depth variation of magnetic susceptibility)
  • On site surface measurements (for instance soil mapping)

Remanent magnetisation

  • Directional measurement of demagnetisation and magnetisation behaviour of natural samples (NRM, IRM, ARM) for instance for magnetostratigraphic studies

Magnetisation measurements

  • Hysteresis loops in magnetising fields between -7 and +7 T in function of temperature
  • Measurement of induced and remanent magnetisation between -500 and + 500 mT
  • Decay of remanent magnetisation (for detection of magnetically viscous grains)

Non-magnetic properties

  • Volume measurements of solids and liquids by gas replacement
  • Density determination (using volume and weight measurements)
  • Porosity determinations (using bulk and particle density determinations)
  • Dry matter analytical determination
  • pH, redox-potential, salinity, total dissolved solids, electrical resistivity and conductivity


  • After instruction, you measure yourself.
  • We make measurements for you.


If wished, we provide our interdisciplinary knowledge and longstanding experience 

  • to plan and design your experiment / measurement
  • to advise you in sample preparation
  • to treat and to analyse data
  • to interpret your data


Depending on the modality and options chosen:

  • raw data
  • treated data
  • interpreted data and report

Possible customers

  • Geological institutes (sedimentology, structural geology, tectonics)
  • Environmental laboratories and agencies (sewage plants, landfill management)
  • Palaeo- & Rock magnetic laboratories without appropriate equipment
  • Chemical, mining and fossil fuel companies
  • Food and forage chemistry


Dr. Simo Spassov
Email :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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