Iaga Workshop 2016

XVIIth IAGA Workshop on Geomagnetic Observatory Instruments, Data acquisition and Processing 

September 4-10, 2016

Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium, Dourbes Magnetic Observatory


Results of the Instruments Inter-comparison and Checking

Two types of instruments were tested: 

  • Proton precession  magnetometers and 
  • DIflux theodolites.

You can find the pdf file with the results  here :  results

Our apologies for the late publication.

J. Rasson and A. Gonsette


Geomagnetic observations and instruments


For pratical use and scientific research, Belgium must know the value of continuous variations and the geomagnetic field.This is one case for magnetic declination: it is used to find the direction of north with the compass. This is done using the Magnetic Observatories of Dourbes and Manhay. A complete measure of geomagnetic vector is recorded every minute.