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at Lipari (Italy)


The tourism season at Lipari starts on Easter, so accommodation is made difficult by reservations by  tourist groups. 

Accommodation in 2- or 3- beds room:

The residence Baia Portinenti can accommodate the majority of AARCH people in 2- and 3- beds rooms, at the price per person of 35 and 30 Euro/day respectively (breakfast included). The same prices will be charged to all the stay in the case you arrive in Lipari before May 10th or leave after May 14th  (refer to AARCH meeting in your correspondence to the hotel).

To seize this opportunity you have to book NOW, because rooms can not be kept available much longer. I have been given the deadline of  January 15th, 2006.   To make your reservation, fill the booking form and send it by e-mail to the Hotel and to Evdokia.

Have a look at the hotel:

Accommodation in single room:

The prize will probably be around 60 Euro/day.  If your choice is for single room, send an e-mail to Evdokia before January 15th, 2006.  Once we know the number of rooms needed, we shall look for them at nearby hotels.

Download the booking form in
MS-Word format

Dates: 10 May – 14 May 2006

Important: Deadline for hotel booking January 15th, 2006
Location: Lipari, Italy: venue at Santa Caterina church close to Archaeological Museum

Map: Here is a map of Lipari.
Organiser: Evdokia Tema, Roberto Lanza, Elena Zanella

The fee will include all dinners and the excursion; will not include lunch (plenty of restaurants and pizzerias within 5 minutes walk from the Museum).  We expect the fee to be as in the previous meetings (around 300 Euro)

Pictures: after the workshop
Programme: Download the meeting programme here (MS-Word file).
0039 11 670 5165

How to reach Lipari

1)      fly to Naples, then by ferryboat (Tuesday and Friday) to Lipari.

Departure scheduled on Tuesday 9th,  at 21.00 – arrival on Wednesday 10th  around 14.00.

The cost of the passage in 2-beds cabin is around 50 Euro/person.

2)   fly to Catania, then by bus/train to Milazzo, then by ferryboat/hydrofoil to Lipari (many journeys a day). Timetables vary according to seasons; we shall send them as soon as available.

To make things easier, on Wednesday 10th we can arrange a shuttle from Catania airport to Milazzo harbour and to Lipari (bus+hydrofoil) at a cost of around 50 Euro/person (or lower, according to the number of people). The shuttle should leave the airport not later than 15.00 - 16.00 

In April you will be asked to inform us of your travel plan.

How to leave Lipari

1)  ferryboat to Naples  (Monday and Thursday)

Departure scheduled on Monday 15th ,  around 17.00 – arrival on Tuesday 16th   around 8.00 am.

2)  ferryboat / hydrofoil to Milazzo (first hydrofoil around 7.00 am), then to Catania