Download of documents and software

Documents about archaeomagnetism
  • Archaeomagnetism: Study of Ancient Geomagnetic Field during Archaeological Periods of Time (Jozef Hus)
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  • Archaeomagnetism and archaeomagnetic dating (Jozef Hus, Raoul Geeraerts & Simo Spassov)
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  • new Archaeomagnetic dating (Paul Linford)                     Copyright © 2006 Paul Linford
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  • Archaeomagnetism (a short MS-Powerpoint introduction to archaeomagnetism by Roberto Lanza)
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  • Archaeomagnetic Sampling: Protocols for the BAN  Geomagnetism Laboratory, Sofia, Bulgaria (Mary Kovacheva & Andy I.R. Herries)
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  • Sampling procedures and sample preparation adopted at the Laboratory of Palaeomagnetism of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Gianluca Catanzariti)
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  • Sampling methods and sample laboratory preparation at the Department of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford, United Kingdom (Assunta Trapanese)
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  • Thermoremanence (MS-Powerpoint presentation by Karl Fabian, AARCH-workshop 3 Madrid, 2005)   10 Mb           Copyright © 2005-2006 Karl Fabian
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  • Inter-laboratory calibration report phase 1 (by Evdokia Tema)
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  • Inter-laboratory calibration report phase 2 (by Gregg McIntosh & Gianluca Catanzariti)
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  • Data, methods and (some of) what we have learned from historical magnetic models (presentation  slides by Andy Jackson, AARCH-workshop 4, Rennes, 2005)     8 Mb                 Copyright © 2005-2006 Andy Jackson
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  • new Online lectures in palaeomagnetism (by Lisa Tauxe)
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Archaeomagnetic software
  • new REN-DATE Software for archaeomagnetic dating based on Bayesian statistics (developed by Philippe Lanos)     Copyright © 2005-2006  Philippe Lanos
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  • THELLIER-TOOL Software for analysing absolute archaeo-/palaeointensity determinations (by Roman Leonhardt)
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Rockmagnetic & Palaeomagnetic software
  •  Software package MAG-MIX 5.0  for data analysis of acquisition or demagnetisation curves of remanent magnetisation (developed by Ramon Egli).                                                     Copyright © 2000-2006 Ramon Egli.
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  • Software PLOTCORE for the analysis of demagnetisation sequences (by John Shaw)
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  • The CEMP IGRF v4.0. Programme for calculating the components of the Earth's magnetic field using the 10th generation of the International  Geomagnetic Reference Field (inbuilt years from 1940 to 2010) (by mark Hunslow)
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  • CEMP Software for palaeomagnetic directional analysis and statistics (by Mark Hounslow)
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  • updated: Software package PMAG1.9.1 for various kinds of rock- and palaeomagnetic data analyses (accompanying software to the book entitled, Paleomagnetic Principles and Practice by Lisa Tauxe). For online documentation see here.
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  • IRM-UNMIX software for fitting acquisition curves of isothermal remanent magnetisation (developed by Dave Heslop)
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